Top 4 Problems Starting an ATM Business (and solutions)

Problems Starting An ATM Business
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Top 4 Problems Starting an ATM Business (and solutions)

If you’re wanting to start an ATM business but want to understand what types of problems arise when
starting an ATM business then you’ll definitely want to check out this post.

The ATM business is a business just like any other that you’d potentially start. So, just as you could face problems starting any kind of business, well naturally you can face problems starting an ATM business. Right?

Hopefully this post helps you get through your problems starting an ATM business though.

Potential Problem #1

Not Having Money To Start Your ATM Business-

problems starting an atm business

This is probably one of the easiest problems starting an ATM business that you can fix. Seriously, I’m not kidding. The reality is that when you’re starting an ATM business you do not have to start by purchasing $40,000 or $50,000 high end ATMs.

Retail ATMs are extremely affordable. The ones I purchase (and have been purchasing for over 3 years now) are about $2,000. And that’s new.

Ok, ok you’re thinking “yeah that’s great Carey but what if I don’t have $2,000?” If you said that to me I’d tell you to think outside of the box. Ever heard of O.P.M.?

O.P.M. is Other Peoples’ Money. Use it. Family members, friends, co-workers, anyone that you know that has money they could lend you for a decent return. I promise that the return you would pay them is probably better then what they are already getting. This should be viewed as an opportunity for THEM and YOU.

Oh and one more thing….O.P.M. doesn’t actually have to come from people. Think credit cards, lines of credit, etc. Think outside of the box. But when you utilize O.P.M. do so responsibly and pay it back on time, every time.

Problem #1 Starting an ATM Business Solved!

Potential Problem #2

Picking Bad Partners-

Sometimes when folks decide to start an ATM business they will decide to partner with someone who is already in the business. This can turn out to be a major problem starting an ATM business.

Whether it’s just a money partner or a 50/50 partnership in other ways. You want to be careful who you partner with, even if that person is already in the ATM business and you feel that they know what they are doing and could teach you the business.

Ask me how I know? The guy who taught me the ATM business was not a very honorable man. He lacked something very important in a partner: integrity. This was my fault though for not researching him and talking to other partners he has had. We leave an we learn. The good news is….I managed. I learned the ATM business and I learned wayyyy more then he ever taught me.

In the end I guess it all worked out. So, just pick your partners wisely. Don’t just say “hey, yes I will put all of my trust in you because you’re already in the business and offer to take me under your wing!” Check ‘em out. (Yes, that includes ME! But I’m thinking because I included this as the 2nd thing on my list for you to watch out for that it should be a giant clue that I have honor and integrity.)

Problem #2 Starting an ATM Business Solved!

Potential Problem #3

Not Having Contracts-

problems starting an atm business

Not having contracts when you start out could be a gigantic problem starting your ATM business. Why?
Well you could potentially lose business.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying there are a gabillion people out there that are independent ATM business owners that will potentially steal your locations, but there are banks out there that may want to have their ATM there. And there may be other ATM owners that may exist. (Don’t worry though, the ATM business really isn’t saturated. You may want to check out my ATM Business Training Webinar above to learn why I can say that.)

You just really want to have your butt covered. Have all i’s dotted and t’s crossed with businesses that you want to place your ATM in. My very first ATMs that I placed I did not have a contract with the business owners.

But guess what? 1 of them in particular did soooo well that I realized real quick that I needed to get them to sign a contract because I never wanted to lose this location.

And you should also have a contract with a potential partner that you would get involved in. Big advice here is to have YOUR attorney review this contract for YOU. Ask me how I know about this advice?

Problem #3 Starting an ATM Business Solved!

Potential Problem #4

Not Knowing What You’re Doing-

If you have a mentor, coach or someone who is a partner that is already in the ATM business that is a great start. They could help you eliminate the lack of knowledge problem starting an ATM business.
Don’t forget to re-read Problem #2 above again though, ok?

Even if you found a partner in the ATM business to help guide you along, don’t you think you would feel more confident if you knew what you’re suppose to do yourself?

There is a lot of information out there on starting an ATM business. I’ve read and seen most of it. A lot of it is old and outdated or just crap that may be painful to get through. (This is actually why I created my ATM Business Blueprint home study course.)

Anywho, there is stuff out there so my point is that people (myself included) are making it affordable for people just like you to learn what you are doing in your ATM business, so you can avoid the huge problem starting an ATM business and not knowing what to do next??

How do you find great locations? What do you say to business owners? How do you find great team members to work with? How do you fill the ATM? How do you get paid? Plus a ton other questions that I’m sure you have as a potential new ATM business owner.

So, educate yourself. If you purchase the right ATM business course then guess what? You most likely won’t even need a “partner” that is currently in the ATM business to walk you through things. You will know what to do yourself and THAT my friend will keep extra money in your pocket. (A lot of times when you have a partner that’s going to teach you the ATM business, it’s a 50/50 split. So, basically you’re giving up 50% of your profits on machines they partner with you on.)

Keep 100% of your profits and learn what to do in your ATM business to start it and grow it all on your own. I know for a fact that with my ATM Business Blueprint course that you wouldn’t need a partner who is in the biz currently to hold your hand through your first few ATMs. You’d know exactly what to do from my course. It’s a step-by-step, comprehensive home study course on how to start and grow your own profitable ATM business. The cost of it is miniscule when you realize you’re not going to be giving up 50% of your profits to your “partner” who is currently in the ATM business and going to teach you the ropes. (You can thank me later hehehe)

Obviously, I’d love for you to become an ATM Business Blueprint member, but you don’t have to. I just want you to educate yourself first before starting your ATM business. This is a problem starting an ATM business that you can nip in the bud quickly.

Problem #4 Starting an ATM Business Solved!

If you’d like to see what my ATM Business Blueprint home study course has to offer; please feel free to head over there to claim your free copy of my ATM Business Cheat Sheet, ATM Business Road Map and a 30 second video that explains it all.

ATM Business Road Map and ATM Business Cheat Sheet

Any other problems starting an ATM business that are on your mind? Post them below.

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  1. Mark
    2 days ago

    Why does a Felony stop you from opening an atm buisness? Does it have to do with banks or something on those lines? If you have the money especially to open one

    • Carey Buck
      1 day ago

      Yep. It’s not so much the bank you’d have your account with, it’s more likely the sponsorship bank that works with the ISO. The banks are very concerned with money laundering and I guess they aren’t willing to bet on someone with a felony. Although I will tell you my guy that I recommend is willing to run someones info that has a felony to see if they would or wouldn’t get approved first so that they know up front.

      If it’s a felony that has anything remotely to do with money I’d say forget it. Theft? May be almost close to forget it.


  2. g jones
    2 months ago

    good luck finding a bank that will open an account for you

    • Carey Buck
      2 months ago

      You just gotta know which banks will help you. Not as big of a deal as you’d think. Myself and all of my students with ATM business have had no issues opening bank accounts :-)


  3. Lee lauck
    3 months ago

    Thank you

  4. Tom
    6 months ago

    Thanks for the article. I am looking forward to receiving the information on starting my own ATM BUSINESS.

    • Carey Buck
      6 months ago

      My pleasure Tom. Thanks for stopping by. Have a great day!


  5. marlon
    6 months ago

    Awesome advice thanks!

    • Carey Buck
      6 months ago

      No problem! That’s what this blog is here for. Welcome, by the way!


  6. Rick Busa
    7 months ago

    Looking forward to this road map. It will take a lot of the quess work out of starting this business.

    • Carey Buck
      7 months ago

      Awesome Rick. Looking forward to chatting with you soon sir.


  7. Rocco
    7 months ago

    i am looking into buying an existing business. looking for the good and bad. also worry about new emv upgrade. would like to talk to someone about this journey.

    • Carey Buck
      7 months ago

      Hi Rocco,

      I’d stay away from buying an existing business. Or at least be VERY cautious.

      EMV is not a big deal. I just responded to your email. You may want to set up
      a strategy session so you can understand this potential journey a little better.



      P.S. Click here to schedule your free ATM strategy session.

  8. Robert
    8 months ago

    I need to talk to you.

  9. Jeffery staten
    8 months ago

    Have pending contract with new mall opening up in september, looking for bars that accept only cash at their places.

    • Carey Buck
      8 months ago

      Congrats! That’s good news for you!


  10. Nathan quailes
    10 months ago

    Want info I have a lot of capital

    • Carey Buck
      10 months ago

      Hi Nathan,

      This whole site is filled with info (in your emails after you put your name and email in the box in the upper right hand corner) and at the blog here. If you’d like specific info you could always sign up for a free ATM strategy session with me here. Check that out here.



  11. David
    10 months ago

    I have a Felony, it was from a gun possession. Will this stop me from signing a contract with a company who handles the networking on the back end of the business?

    • Carey Buck
      10 months ago

      Most likely David, but we could always try it. Worse comes to worse, you’ll have to have someone else on record that handles filling out the paperwork portion of your business (spouse? partner?, etc.)



  12. Reggie Ross
    11 months ago

    Great information

    • Carey Buck
      11 months ago

      Thanks Reggie. Thanks for stopping by as well!


  13. Kc
    1 year ago

    Would love to get the free cheat sheet, thanks

    • Carey
      1 year ago

      Hi KC,

      You just have to enter your name and email in the box in the upper right hand side of
      the site.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  14. SONJA
    1 year ago

    Please send me information.

    • Carey
      1 year ago

      Hi Sonja,

      Enter your name and email in the box in the top right corner.

      After you do that and hit the button then you’ll have plenty of information
      in your email inbox.

      Thanks for stopping by!


  15. Paula
    1 year ago

    Hi Carey ,
    I have about 20,000 to invest and was thinking about doing an ATM business . I would keep my full time job . Just a couple of questions:

    1. Approximately how Many ATMs would I need to generate 100,000+ a year? I live in NYC
    2. Approximately how many hours of work a week can I expect to put into this ? ( I would not be picking up the money myself )
    3. Is there any way I could negotiate the location contracts online ? I’m quite shy, and also do not have a lot of spare time to pound pavement.

    Thanks for a great article!

    • Carey
      1 year ago


      Excellent questions! I was going to tell you that the best way to answer them was to actually talk on the phone. But I didn’t even need to as I saw you already signed up for a free ATM Business Strategy Session.

      I look forward to our chat! Thanks for stopping by here!


  16. STEVE M
    1 year ago

    I have chance to get into the ATM business in this way:

    – A person has a company that has many routes in many cities. Its becoming to large for him to manage all the cities and ATM’s. He has offered that I can take over one of the cities with 40 ATM’s and be the vaulter and cash supplier/manager for the route. In exchange for that I get about .60 cents per transaction.

    – So there is no investment required from me for any ATM purchases, no needing to get locations or contracts, and no risk of money of any sort. Because the only money is the initial supply of cash for the machines (and that is obviously secured as its only the ATM cash).

    So I do not see any risk here for my money. Just for my time only to try and see if it is profitable. He has already told me what the route does in transactions so based on that my .60 cents per transaction would be a profitable route.

    Does this sound like a good offer for me. Am I missing anything?

    • Carey
      1 year ago

      That’s not really a question for me. It’s a question for your CPA and accountant.

      Good luck though if you go for it!



  17. Jason
    1 year ago

    I got plenty of cash to start an ATM business. Could probably by like 5 machines if they are still 2k a piece.

    But I got credit issues. Is my personal credit score going to keep me out of this business?

    • Carey
      1 year ago

      Hey Jason,

      No bad credit won’t be an issue for you. It’ll only be an issue if you want to try to lease ATMs. The only issue that anyone could have that would keep they out of the ATM business is if they have a felony on their record, especially one dealing with money.



  18. gary
    1 year ago

    Please send the report.

    • Carey
      1 year ago

      Hi Gary!

      As long as you request the free report by entering your name and email address then it will get automatically sent to your email. If it’s not in your inbox, please remember to check your spam, junk or promotions folders as it hides out in there too! If it’s in one of those folders instead of your inbox tho, please add my email address to your address book so you get the free ATM info that you requested on a consistent basis instead of having to search through all of your folders for it.



  19. Andre
    2 years ago

    Hey Carey,

    I would like to get into the ATM business! But I would like to know if you have a misdemeanor can you still operate an atm? I already have a business and I am thinking about selling it and changing into the ATM world. I have read that if you have a felony you can kiss your ATM route dreams goodbye. is it the same for a misdemeanor?

    Also I found a business I would like to buy for 450,000; but only makes 136,000 in cash flow. Is this a great deal, or would you still start up your own slowly?

    Im 23yo and I would like to talk over the phone or in an email. I am very serious in going into the ATM route!

    Thank you!

    • Carey
      2 years ago

      Hi Andre!

      Thanks for stopping by first off. I apologize for taking so long with getting back to
      you but I’ve been traveling and then I had to find the answer to your misdemeanor question.

      You are correct in that with a felony you can kiss your ATM dreams goodbye. That is 100%

      As far as a misdemeanor goes; you should be fine UNLESS the misdemeanor related to money in
      any way, shape or form. (In the future, let’s leave the misdemeanors for other folks tho,
      ok? ;-)

      I’d be more than happy to speak with you over the phone. I, honestly, think that’s the
      best way for us to figure out a plan for your future ATM business.

      Click here to Schedule An ATM Business Strategy Session.

      Have a great day Andre!


  20. Brandon
    2 years ago

    Also, how do I go about a contract with colleges?

    • Carey
      2 years ago

      Hey Brandon,

      Great questions you are asking. And awesome that you’re looking into something like this as a 23 yr. old.
      I would start with BOA to be honest with you, they should be able to help you.

      As far your other questions I have to tell you that you really should consider becoming an ATM Business Blueprint
      The program was designed for people just like you with these types of questions.

      If you’d like though you can start with a strategy session and we can map out a plan for your
      ATM business. Schedule your ATM Business Strategy Session here Brandon.

      Thanks for visiting and have a great day!


  21. Brandon
    2 years ago

    23 yrs of age looking to invest my money into the business. I was wondering who is a good bank to start with outside my personal bank BOA?

  22. Dominick
    2 years ago

    I’ll tell you the BIGGEST problem I am having and maybe you have a solution for me. I have a route that I’m trying to get started but cant for the life of me find a bank who’s willing to give me a business account for this type of business since its considered a Money Services Business. I have 5 machines installed at 5 locations and cant get a bank to take my business.

    • Carey
      2 years ago

      Hi Dominick,

      I hear you there. I know a few folks that had that same issue. My advice to use is to just keep trying different banks. Small, local banks and the Big banks. Sooner or later one will click.

      I’m working on a list of banks that will work with ATM businesses now for my ATM Business Blueprint members.

      Good luck!


  23. Linda
    2 years ago

    Hi Carey,

    I first want to say I appreciate your honesty and all the advise you are giving on your you tube videos and your emails as well as your website it has helped tremedasly.

    I am just starting out in my business I have my first location lined up which was such a breeze!

    My question to you is there a specific bank you prefer to use for your business accounts and why?
    Thanks – Linda

    • Carey
      2 years ago

      Hi Linda,

      Thanks for the kind words. No there is no preference for a bank. I will
      be adding a list of banks to my ATM Business Blueprint Success System in
      the future though.

      You just have to work with a bank that’s will to work with you, because not
      all of them will allow you to open up a bank account that is for an ATM

      Congrats on your first location! Now go get another one!


  24. Jay
    2 years ago

    Hi Carey,
    Thank you for your wonderful website and youtube videos, I am also grateful to have stumbled across your informative and helpful comments.
    I am from NZ and this concept is still quite young, so I am finding it difficult to get the answers that I am looking for in starting an ATM business. Here in NZ, Independent ATM machines are more commonly used for leasing as oppose to owning them out right. And of course I would prefer to own them to maximise my profits. I did come across a company in Australia who was selling their ATM machines from about $21k NZdollars, which I think is quite high. And to see that you have brought new ones for only about $2k is amazing. Do you think I could aquire the same priced ATM machines that would be compliant in NZ?
    Thank you in advance for your assistance :-)

    • Carey
      2 years ago

      Hi Jay,

      1st thank you for all of the kind words.. I’m glad
      you found the information available useful and I’m
      glad you found me and my site/videos.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer for you as far
      as buying a $2,000 ATM in New Zealand.

      I will tell you that I have Canadian students and
      Australian, but mostly U.S. I’m learning more
      and more about more countries and will update
      the course in the future to reflect more country
      specific info as I receive it.

      I would say to keep doing more research on
      google for different suppliers. By the way,
      just in case you were wondering….the “plan”
      or overall blueprint in the ATM Business Blueprint
      Success System will work for any place that has
      independent ATM operators, it’s just that you would
      have to learn your own countries rules and regs and
      I teach you how to do that with the system as well.

      Does that make sense?

      Have a great day!


  25. Dave
    2 years ago

    Hi Carey I watched your YouTube videos and got a lot out of them thankyou.!! Can you tell me where and how to get contracts written up?

    • Carey
      2 years ago

      Hey Dave!

      I’m glad you got a lot out of my videos. You’re welcome!

      As far as contracts go you will want to do 1 of 2 things:

      1) Hire a competent lawyer in your area to draw up entirely
      new contracts for your ATM Business.


      2) Become an ATM Business Blueprint member. As an ATM Business
      Blueprint member I give you all of my contracts and forms that I
      use in my everyday ATM business.
      I still would recommend you take
      them and have a competent attorney in your area review them. But
      having an attorney REVIEW your contracts vs. researching and drawing
      up entirely new contracts is a whole lot more inexpensive and time

      Hope this helps!


  26. Tarek
    2 years ago

    Hi Carey,

    so you said you need 2K to buy a machine, how much do you need total in order to start running one machine including filling and refilling cash


    • Carey
      2 years ago

      Hi Tarek,

      I’d say $4k can get you a complete set up of an ATM with all equipment, some cash to put inside, some marketing stickers, etc.

      Hope this helps!


  27. Adam Marple
    2 years ago

    I love the info I read so far and would enjoy to learn a lot more a bout this business.

    • Carey
      2 years ago

      I’m glad you enjoyed the info so far Adam. If you’d like more free info you can
      grab my ATM Business Road Map and Cheat Sheet if you haven’t already right here:



  28. Morgan
    2 years ago


    Very informative page!!! I greatly appreciate you taking your time out to share this information…How much is the “atm business road map?” I am thoroughly interested in started this ‘outside of the box’ business; mainly because in the past I have been a consistent user of atm’s. But for some strange reason, I just thought to be on the business side instead of the consumer side. When I live in Florida ( I won’t say the city, to protect the innocent and the guilty) I swiped at an atm before and I didn’t receive any cash but it took my 2 dollar fee. I thought I’d made a mistake but it happened again. So, I called the number and I never received a call back. Only than did I realize that these machines were privately owned in a major retail chain. Now is my time I AM READY!!!!

    • Carey
      2 years ago

      Hi Morgan!

      Welcome! Thank you so much for the compliment. I appreciate it.
      I’m glad that you enjoy the information.

      The ATM Business Road Map is 100% free. You can get the ATM
      Business Road Map and Cheat sheet here:

      Just enter your name and email addy and it will be sent to you

      ATM Business Blueprint is my online home study course. That is
      where I walk you through step by step how to start and grow a
      profitable ATM business. That is not free. :-) You’ll learn
      more about it if grab the road map and cheat sheet tho!

      Btw, for the incidents that happened to you, there should be
      a “bank sponsor” name or phone number somewhere on the ATM.

      If not, you can call your bank and see if they can help you.

      And I’m sooo happy that you just said NOW is your time. Because
      you are the only one that can decide IF it’s your time and IF
      you are ready.

      Congrats and I can’t wait to see what you will do now that you
      know you are ready!


  29. Ang
    2 years ago

    Hi Carey,
    Great job on all the info you’ve given. Thnx. Heres my question. Ifound a used atm on line
    very cheap, but in need of upgrades( didnt know upgrades were necessary) (upgrade kit was$750.00). How often would my atms need upgrades? Who does them? &can I use 1 upgrade kit on all of my atms (if I had, 5 atms)? I know ur answer will begreat thnxin advance. Ques.# 2. What is ada compliant?

    • Carey
      2 years ago

      Thanks Ang! Ang, I gotta be honest, I wouldn’t buy a
      used ATM online at all.

      My feeling is, you don’t know 100% what you’re getting in to.

      And you need to make darn sure your ATM is 100% compliant.

      Plus, you can buy new ATMs for about 2k….so you already are
      talking about $750 on an upgrade kit, then you’re paying for
      the ATM (even if it’s cheap) then you’re probably gonna have to
      pay someone to upgrade the machine…..might as well just save
      all of the aggravation and get a new machine that IS compliant
      and comes with a warranty. Just my .02 though.

      ADA compliant is the Americans with Disabilities Act. There are
      all kinds of ways you need to make sure your ATM is compliant
      so you don’t get in BIGGG trouble (we’re talking big money fines
      here.) ADA compliancy is just 1 of the ways.

      The machine has to be a certain height, has to have a voice system
      set up so that blind folks can just plug in headphones and
      hear what they are suppose to do. Plus, you have to have braille
      somewhere on the ATM so they know where they can access the headphone
      jack, etc.

      Hope this helps.

      Btw, if interested, I’m running a birthday special on my ATM Business
      Blueprint course today. It ends at midnight tonite. 25% off of the
      course. I go over ALL of this in the course (and recommend what
      ATMs to buy. Of course, you can buy whatever you want tho lol)

      If interested just go to my products page, click order ATM Business
      Blueprint now and enter code: BDAY2012

      Your 25% discount will be calculated automatically at checkout.

      Thanks for stopping by. Great questions by the way!


  30. Matthew Humphrey
    2 years ago

    Wow, you really do provide great information and I am glad you took the time to answer my questions. Do you recommend a certain ATM model? And how do I “opt-in” for information? I did receive the blueprint, thanks!

    • Carey
      2 years ago

      Hantle, Tranax, Hyosung…all good. We use ‘em all. (Hantle/Tranax pretty much the same.)

      I think you already opted in?? If you have ATM Business Road Map and ATM Business Blueprint cheat sheet…then you are good to go.

      I don’t think you actually have the ATM Business Blueprint course itself…I’d see ya in the members area if ya did ;-)


  31. Matthew Humphrey
    2 years ago

    I am glad I stumbled across your site. I almost purchased an ATM route through AFCN who is a franchiser of the ATM business but decided that doing it on my own would be a lot better.

    A few concerns that me and my partner have are these: Contracts. Kickbacks. Locations.

    Did you hire an attorney to write up the contract for the owners to fill out? How long of a contract do they typically feel comfortable signing? And why do they feel the need to sign a contract anyway?

    What kind of “kickback” do you give to the business owner? Does it depend on the contract? And is this something that automatically can go into their account?

    What is the best way to get a meeting with a business owner? Email? Phone? And what is your biggest selling point?

    I can’t wait to show my friends this site and I really appreciate your time!


    • Carey
      2 years ago

      Hi Matt,

      Welcome! I’m glad that you stumbled upon my site too. I think you may
      have just instantly put some extra passive income in your pocket instead
      of ACFN’s ;-)

      Yes, I hired an attorney for my contracts. I provide all of my contracts
      and forms in the ATM Business Blueprint course, however I do advise folks
      to have a competent attorney from their area review everything. (That’s much
      cheaper then having an attorney draw stuff up for you from scratch.)

      I have a site that signed up for 5 yrs and most others are 1 yr. It’s just
      a matter of how comfortable you are at connecting with the owner.

      I pitch the contract as a way for us BOTH to make sure this is something we
      want to do. I like a 90 day period to make sure that I want to leave my ATM

      I started out not negotiating any profit sharing with owners and I did just fine.
      Now, I pitch it right from the jump and I teach folks how they can pay the business
      owners some profit sharing and not cut into their OWN profit that they were counting on.

      That works with 99% of locations. Niche locations, you’ll probably give a little more
      in the profit sharing department.

      No, it does not automatically go into their bank account….we cut ‘em a check every month.

      Best way to get a meeting…. ask ;-) I’m an “in person” kind of person, but I’ve gotten
      meetings in person and via the phone. Never tried through email.

      My biggest selling point is me. Really….I sell them on why me, as a small, local, company
      is better. It’s all about using your personality and letting them know what’s in it for THEM.

      Hope this helps,


      P.S. Did you opt-in for your free info, yet?

  32. RC
    3 years ago


    Awesome info! I have been strongly considering the ATM business as another income stream and your post has practically eliminated most (not all) of my concerns. Thanks for providing well thought out responses to questions I and others are likely to have.

    • Carey
      3 years ago

      RC, I’m glad that you liked the info. I’m glad it was able to help you
      out with some of your concerns about the ATM business.

      What are some of the others that you may have?


  33. David
    3 years ago

    Thank you for your all too important tips to avoid future failure.

    • Carey
      3 years ago

      It’s my pleasure David. I’ve pretty much committed all of those errors,
      so if I can help someone avoid them, then this post is totally worth it
      to me to have posted.


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