how to generate a consistent
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Top 3 ATM Business Productivity Tips

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Top 3 ATM Business Productivity Tips

As with any business, especially a small business, sometimes we’re not always productive.
You know what I’m talking about, right? We tend to be busy a lot, but is it just busy
work that we’re doing or is it productive work that we are getting done to ensure that our business is more successful?

ATM Business Productivity Tip #1

This is probably the number 1 productivity tip I have for you and your business. Write it down. Every night or every morning you should write down the things you’d like to do for that day (for me, I find writing it down at night and then reviewing it in the morning helps to cement it in my head what I need to accomplish for the day.) This is your MUST DO LIST….tasks that can be directly related to increasing your profit in your business or building stronger relationships.

For instance, maybe tonight you write down that you want to talk to the owner or manager at ABC store and the owner or manager at XYZ restaurant because you think both of them would be a great place to have your ATM located in. Maybe you also write down to introduce yourself to 1 new person tomorrow and eventually tell them what you do and hand them a business card (that of course says that you pay referral fees somewhere on it.)

Bonus Productivity Tip

Try to make your list small. Don’t put 553 things on it when you know that you really only need to get down 5 things that are SUPER important and productive for your ATM business. Keep it small, keep them very specific as to being productive and income generating and make it a point to cross them off your list by days end.

ATM Business Productivity Tip #2

You should always be talking to new business owners that have locations that you’d like to put your ATM in. Your business depends on you putting your ATMs in decent, well-performing locations, so you should always be talking to new business owners trying to place new ATMs.

Bonus Productivity Tip

If you are always talking to new business owners and they are very interested in you placing your ATM in their location but you don’t have any way to purchase a new ATM then consider moving one of your underperforming ATMs to this new location. (Make sure that you’re really confident that this spot will be worth the move.)

ATM Business Productivity Tip #3

A great productivity tip that can reallyyyyy help you to be successful is to constantly be communicating and networking with folks. These people don’t have to be the type of people that I mentioned above. In my scenario above you spot a location that you’d like to put your ATM in so then you proceed to talk with the business owner about that possibility.

With this productivity tip I want you to always be talking to people no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Always have a business card handy and make sure you always strike up a conversation with them and you eventually want them to ask what you do. You, of course, will tell them that you’re in the ATM business and you’ll proceed to explain your business and then ask them if they know of any locations that’d be a good fit for your ATM business.

Bonus Productivity Tip

Join Toastmasters or any type of business networking organization like BNI, or Chamber of Commerce, etc. There will be plenty of business owners there that may have locations that you’d be interested in but more importantly they know more people and more business owners so they may send referrals your way.

There are your top 3 ATM business productivity tips plus some bonus tips for you. I hope that you found these useful. Here are some more productivity tips that you can use for your ATM business or really any business for that matter. So, what are some of your favorite productivity tips?

how to generate a consistent $3,000 to $5,000+
per month in passive income with atms!

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4 Responses

    1. Hi Shola!

      Most challenges within the ATM business are with people and their own minds. The negativity they put in their heads is astounding. Things like “I can’t do this” “Everyone thinks I’m crazy for doing this, so I shouldn’t try” “Every business already has an ATM” “No one will say yes to me” etc. etc. So dealing with ones own mind is THE biggest challenge in the ATM business and honestly, a lot of other businesses. It’s probably why a lot of folks stay miserable working at a 9 to 5 job.

      Typically actually ATM challenges tho are:
      1) Finding locations – it’s easier then folks may think, you just gotta learn how to do it.
      2) Theft – this is an easy one to overcome. You just get insurance. (It’s not that expensive.)
      3) Safety – people sometimes get concerned for their own safety, which they should in any scenario but especially when carrying money around. The way folks can overcome that challenge is to follow common sense safety techniques.

      I know you said you wanted to get the Blueprint. It’s important for you to know that probably MOST of it will work where you are, but there will be parts that do not apply because I don’t think you live in the U.S., right? (Nor do you live in Canada.)

      If you’d like to speak more about it, please shoot me an email. We can discuss it further and figure something out for you.



  1. Hello,

    Great tips and info you offer. I’m interested in going into the ATM biz first time. I want to purchase my own machine and find business locations on my own. I have a few key questions that I’m sure you can clarify:

    1) I prefer a company to service the machine’s maintenance. What is the avg cost of that? Would they require I buy ATM machine from them?
    2) How does cash replenishment work? For instance, I have a line of credit from my bank for $10K. I stock the ATM with a $8k max. Do I count on my profits from surcharges to replenish funds? I’m trying to get clarity on how the well does not run dry.
    3) will your Road Map share the expected costs of going into the ATM biz?

    Thanks much for your help

    1. Hey Reggie,

      Sweet. It’s a great business to get into that’s for sure.

      Might I suggest you sign up for my free strategy session here?

      There I can help clear some things up for you and even help you
      put together a strategy for your ATM business.

      Oh and no, the road map won’t get you all of the little details that
      you will need (it’s a broad overview.)


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