how to generate a consistent
$3,000 to $5,000+ per month
in passive income with atms!

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How Do You Get In The ATM Business With No Money To Start

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How Do You Get In The ATM Business With No Money To Start

I bet you can guess a question that I hear a lot, huh? Yep, you guessed it. It’s
“How Do I Get In The ATM Business?” Here are a few simple steps that
will allow you to get in the ATM business and you can do them with no money to start!

Step 1
The reality is that in order for you to get in the ATM business all you have to
really do is WANT to get in the atm business.

I know that sounds so simple. I mean you can’t really get in the ATM business
just because you want too, right? Well, no, there is more to it….but it all
starts with you just deciding that you want to get in the atm business.

Step 2
After you have decided you want to get in the atm business then the next step is to
do a little bit of research about the ATM business. Read about it. Watch videos
about it. Read articles about it.

Start on this blog, folks. Read and watch everything you can. Head over to my
passive income blog and watch and read all of my information there on the ATM business
and how you can get in the atm business.

Even start looking at ATMs around your area. Notice the different sizes, surcharge fees, signage, etc.

Step 3
So, you have a little bit of information about the ATM business now and how you can get in the
ATM business… you may be a wee bit dangerous 😉 Now it’s time to take the next step

Look for businesses that don’t have an ATM in them. You don’t have to go out of your way.
Just start with places you, your family and/or your friends frequent. Take note of the
places that don’t have an ATM machine in them. Keep a list of them.

Step 4
Now that you have your list of locations with no ATMs in them you are going to really get
in the ATM business today! Put on a nice, business outfit (it can be business casual, no
problem.) Take your list with you. Go to every single location on your list.

Walk into the business and ask for the owner or the manager. (Yes, I mean it. You really
are going to talk to someone.) When they come to see what you want, you are going to ask
them a simple 10 word question. Are you ready to get in the ATM business for real, for real?

Here is your simple 10 word question that you are going to ask:
“Have you ever thought about putting an ATM in here?” Ask that question and then be quiet.
Let them talk.

Step 5
Hopefully, they say “why yes, yes I have thought about it, can you please give me one!”
lol (No they aren’t all that easy, I’m sorry to say. But you will get plenty of easy
ones like that.) If they say yes, then “welcome, you have officially gotten yourself
into the ATM business without spending a dime.”

It now may be time to purchase some education, like my comprehensive ATM Business Blueprint course or perhaps you got enough information through your research phase that you can hit the ground running.

Now if they don’t say yes, then you’re going to have to find out why they are saying no
and overcome their objections and hopefully get to a yes. You may need to do more research
or you may want to purchase a comprehensive course like my ATM Business Blueprint course that I mentioned above.

Step 6
If it’s a no or an I’ll think about it then you’re going to have to follow up with them. That’s
part of getting in to the atm business. Follow up is key.

If they said yes, then you should be well on your way to starting a very profitable ATM business that will provide you with a lifetime of passive income. And to think, it didn’t even cost you a penny to realize you wanted to get into the ATM business and to actively find a place to put your ATM in! Pretty cool to get in the atm business to start with no money, huh?

What other questions do you have about how to get in the atm business?

how to generate a consistent $3,000 to $5,000+
per month in passive income with atms!

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12 Responses

  1. I really enjoyed reading the post that you submitted. My question is pretty straight forward if I obtain an ATM and completely fill it with my money let’s say 2K how do I recieve a profitable return if the surcharge is a couple of dollars?

    1. Carlos,

      This is a volume business. So you’ll receive multiple surcharges over the entire month PLUS you’ll also get the money back that someone withdraws OUT of the ATM. So for your scenario that you described you’ll get your original $2k back PLUS all of the surcharges that you made. Then you put that same $2k back in the ATM again and keep doing it over and over again all the while collecting those surcharge fees.


  2. Wow, I am super excited it was just a thought and I have been doing my research little by little and I do not see in it not prospering. But My question is how do I go by getting the money to actually put in the machine, Will I need to get a small business loan to do that part

    1. Best way Monica, is to save it and use your own funds to start. You could always partner with someone that has cash also. But the SBA will never give a loan for an ATM business.


  3. Hey Carey!!
    Lets start off by saying how much I love your philosophy!

    My main business for being here is to ask you a couple questions. I was wondering if I could become one of your students?! I have no idea on how to enlist if you will in your teachings. I am highly ambitious and very curious on more aspects!!

    Please email me with some information- You most likely have my Email from the reply status. But if not- [email protected]

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