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    1. Hi Younes!

      I’m glad you enjoyed the video. The processor and the modem are 2 different things, but the processor should NOT charge you anything.
      You are only paying for the monthly modem fee (which communicates with your processor.)

      As far as all of your other questions, that’s really too much to get into here. I answer all of those questions within the
      ATM Business Blueprint course, of course.

      Thanks again and let me know if I can help you with anything else.

      Here’s to living off of passive income!


  2. I like your video keep up the good work.I’m glad you taking the time to put the information out here for us. You are very sincere about the business. Thank you

    1. Hi Tonya,

      Thanks for stopping by. Appreciate the kind words. Don’t forget to check out that webinar I sent you.
      You should have received a link in your email to a 45 min. webinar.

      Look forward to you joining me along with other ATM Business Blueprint members so that you can
      achieve a lifetime of passive income with ATM machines.

    1. HI Tableau,

      Thanks for wanting to share that page. But it is no longer active. What I have done (or am doing) is put all of those trainings into an
      online webinar. That, you will for certain be able to share. Plus, you’re more than welcome to share this blog page.

      I hope you find the upcoming webinar helpful. It will go over all of the same information that I initially provided in the free training
      videos…promise 🙂

      Thanks for visiting.


    1. Lawrence,

      After you get all of the training videos you will get all of the details on the ATM business blueprint. Promise!

  3. Great video! I finally had a chance to view it from start to finish. I believe this is a soild business for people to add and generate additional income. I am looking forward to the next videos : )


    1. Thanks so much Lolita! And I agree whole-heartedly! It’s a great income stream on it’s on or even as a complement to real estate investing, online marketing or anything else. I am glad you enjoyed the video. I appreciate the complement.

  4. Carey,
    Thanks for all this valueable information. I have one question(so far) regarding the sites that you put your ATMs. Do you negotiate a percentage of profits with the businesses that you proide an ATM for or is it a flat fee or actually nothing. I would argue that you are providing them a service so no fee is needed but I just wanted to get an idea of what you’ve run into and how you resolved it.
    Thanks and I look forward to the next video

    1. Hi Liz,

      I’m glad that you’re enjoying the information that I’m providing! Now on to your question….

      You are absolutely, 100% correct with your mindset. You ARE providing these business owners with a service and they get a number of benefits from allowing you to place your ATM within their location. So, I’m glad you have your mind in the right place going into this.

      Now, when I first started, I had no problems with overcoming the objection of “how much do I make?” when the business owner would ask. It was pretty easy and they all were fine with it. I still do that with some locations but I also offer different profit sharing techniques as well, most of which do NOT cut into my profits. I teach this all in great detail in the ATM Business Blueprint course, of course.

      Hope this helps.

  5. Thank you for the road map. I appreciate the hard work you must have put into it. I am on the journey to seeking financial freedom, but I guess you can say I am just a little past the beginning point. (The beginning being the wake up from the haze or the matrix if you will) where I realized hey, this relying on other people to employ myself and my wife and following the corporate structure to put me into the rat race was a pretty bad idea), and my current position along the line to freedom being – ok i’m in the rat maze and i’m pushing on parts of the walls testing them to see if they are a viable exit out of the maze for me.

    I started thinking about ATM’s and exploring the business and stumbled across your you tube videos. They are encouraging. I will certainly not put you down, you appear to be successful, but I must admit, I am wondering if this is going to make any sense for me in my current situation. For example, when i start running some test numbers on an ATM business, I get very nervous that its going to take a long time to recover my initial investment and also, concerned that all the while, I am going to have a chunk of my money just sitting in a machine exposed to a potential robber, or just not earning interest.

    If I buy one machine it looks like its gonna cost me about 3,200 plus whatever cost to install, and work out the phone line needed. Lets say 3400. Plus i’d imagine i’d need at least 1500 sitting in the machine. WHich means my initial start up looks to be 4700 round up for some unforseen costs to 5000.

    If I’m charging 2.50 per transaction assuming no breakdowns we are talking about 2,000 transactions before I even break even and can pull my own money out of the machine and then start turning a profit. This means to break even in a year I would need to pull 39 transactions a week, and thats going a year without making money to pull out of the business and into my personal bank account or to reinvest into a second machine. 39 transactions a week sounds high for most locations so unless I get lucky it looks to me that at best i’m talking about not seeing positive cash flow for the first year.

    This thought process has made me for the most part shelve the idea that this is the right door out of the rat maze. But I’ve been holding out to see what your plan was going to say before I completely abandon the idea.

    I welcome your thoughts and hope you are willing to provide some feedback to someone a lot further toward the beginning of the residual dream that you are.

    Very truly yours,

    1. Well John that’s a pretty long comment there. Thanks for that.

      The truth is John, the ATM business may not be for everyone. It may or may not be for you. Only you can decide that.

      I’d ask you to keep watching the videos though; I will go over what every one of my ATMs is doing profit wise and even let you know what kind of areas they are located in.

      I understand you’re interested in making all of your investment back in 1 year. And if you can do that well that’s great.

      But the truth is, I don’t know a lot of businesses that you can do that. For instance, let’s just say you decided you want to buy a rental property instead.

      Well ok, let’s take a $50,000 property. You put maybe 10% to 20% down. That’s $5k to $10k upfront cost for you. Do you really think you’re making that back in a year?

      Not only that, what happens when your tenant decides to stop paying you your rent? 🙂

      Ok so you recoup your initial investment, finally….well you still have how many more years to pay off your mortgage completely? (Of course, you’re hoping that your tenant pays it off for you.)

      With ATMs, you can have all of your money recouped welllllll before 30 years and then NEVER, EVER have to pay anything towards that machine again (modem fee not included.) I’m talking about like if it were a rental property and you’re still paying back a “mortgage” even after you recouped your initial investment.

      Plus, in my course I teach you how to start your ATM business and buy ATMs with OPM (other people’s money.) If you didn’t use any of your own money to get your ATM business up and running…….then how long will it take you to recoup your initial investment 😉 (For those that are not paying attention or maybe it’s too late while they are reading this…..you don’t technically have an initial investment in this scenario to ever have to recoup!)

      Anyway, like I said John, the ATM business isn’t for everyone. But neither is real estate or the stock market. But I hope I helped answer some of your concerns and I also hope that you stick around to learn some more about the ATM business with the next few videos.

      And by the way, I wasn’t ignoring your email; I had a “situation” come up with one of my kitty cats yesterday and I had to take care of him. He’s feeling much better now and when my kitty’s are feeling better…..well I’m feeling better!

      Have a great memorial day weekend everyone!

  6. Carey,
    Thanks for presenting this information; I hope to pursue ASAP. Just yesterday after reading thru the Road Map, I went out and realized I needed to get some gas. I live in a little town where they still pump the gas for you (yeah I realize NJ does that too)-well the owner of the place was doing the pumping so I asked him whether he had an ATM machine – I knew he didn’t. “Sorry, no, I’ve thought about it, but it would require a separate bank acct. and extra insurance; so I decided not to.” Now, I don’t know what I’m talking about, but I asked him if I could provide an ATM where there would be no cost to him, would he be interested. He said he might be-come back and discuss it with him after I knew more (I had told him I was just now beginning to learn about ATMs.)
    So this begs a couple of questions; 1. how stiff is insurance and how vulnerable are ATM’s to theft, vandalism, etc. And 2. Are small out of the way towns a good place to put an ATM?
    Thanks again for all the free info?

    1. Al,

      Awesome, awesome, awesome. That was for you taking action already! I’m so proud of you. It’s amazing what opportunities can be uncovered jby just asking if a location has an ATM.

      Actually, oddly enough, I just wrote an blog post today about what 1 amazing little question can do for your ATM business (check it out.)

      As far as insurance goes: you’re going to have to call around and get different quotes. Then you’re going to have to compare and go with one (IF you want to.) I know folks that don’t have insurance on their machines or just may have a liability policy. It’s up to you. For me though the cost for a year was about $500 so it was a no-brainer.

      I have never had any of my ATMs broken into or vandalized. Is it a risk, sure, that’s why I have insurance. But truth be told, I think most criminals are more apt to go after “bank” ATMs because they know they are loaded to the hilt with money.

      As far as small towns go…I have to tell you that I live in a small town. Nothing but cows, amish, horse and buggys. And one of my best performing ATMs is in this town. (A lot of times it may be the only ATM around……)

      Worst case scenario Al, you place it there and decide you don’t like how it’s performing so you move it to another location 😉 Btw, I show you in the course where some of the absolute best locations are for you to place ATMs and yes, some may very well even be in a small town!

      Hope this helps. And thanks for all of the awesome questions!

  7. Thanks for the video!! Great job!!
    I do have a question about the business though.
    Based on your experience, how much maintenance would we expect on the machines?
    Also, how often is the money that is dispensed, replaced? I know that commissions are once a month but how about the monies that people take out? Is that once a month too?

    Thanks in advance and looking forward to your next video.


    1. Thanks for the compliment John. Appreciate it. You are asking some awesome questions!

      As far as maintence goes on the machines, honestly there isn’t much. These ATMs that I teach you to use are work horses and don’t really require much in the form of maintenance. The maintenance that I have encountered in 2 years has been so easy that we’ve done it all (and pretty much every probably took 5 minutes max to fix.) I included videos in the ATM Business Blueprint that show you how to fix common maintenance issues.

      But really there isn’t much service maintenance.

      If you want to put a number on it time wise though….let’s say an hour a month. But really John, I can tell you with 100% honesty that we have never, ever, ever spent 1 hour a month on any service issue.

      I also teach in the ATM Business Blueprint about the difference between new and used machines and about service contracts available and how they work (and may be worth while??)

      The cash that is within the machine that folks take out is replenshed the next day (weekends excluded.) So if you take $20 out of my machine today, it will be in my bank account tomorrow (provided tomorrow isn’t the weekend. Otherwise it would be in there on Monday.)

      And you actually can get paid your profits (surcharges) daily too if you want. Personally, I don’t recommend it when you have a lot of machines because I think it just becomes a pain in the butt to keep up with. Just my opinion though.

      Hope this helps!

  8. Carey,
    I love the concept of “massive passive income” – can’t wait to learn more!

    FYI – I’m a big fan of show-and-tell. That was great seeing how a machine is loaded and checked. Great job showing that!

    1. lol Carolyn I soooo love the idea of massive passive income too. I’m glad you liked the video. There’s more to come. Thanks for watching! Please feel free to ask any other questions that may come to mind.

  9. Carey! What an awesome video! Do you ever get nervous when filling your ATMs, or do you always go with someone so that your chances of getting robbed are slim?

    1. Hi Linda! Thank you.

      I think maybe the first couple of times I got nervous but not anymore. Yes, your best bet is to go with someone. I call them your “muscle” lol or just your “lookout” because when I’m the “muscle” I’m not much.

      If you use common sense safety precautions; I think you won’t have much to be nervous about. I’m glad you liked the video! Thanks.

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