Here’s To You Taking Massive Action, [wlm_firstname]!

First Things First

I’m super psyched to have you here as Wealth Acceleration System member. I am committed to doing everything in my power to make sure that you take your Wealth Acceleration Training and become successful in the ATM business sooner rather then later!

We are going to have a great time on our Q&A calls for the next 8 weeks and we’re really going to dive into your business even more when we talk on your 4 one-on-one phone consultations!

You can access the Wealth Acceleration Trainings via the dashboard to the left or the navigation bar at the top of the page that says Wealth Acceleration.

Remember, here is our schedule:

Every Monday at 8pm Eastern there will be a new training video for you to access here.

Every Thursday at 8pm Eastern you will receive an email that will tell you how to access the LIVE Q&A call
(and the archived recordings of those calls will be right here.)

Your Weekly Tasks/To-Do’s

Remember, I told you there would be some work involved on your part, right? Well, each week you will have at least 1 task to complete. After you complete that task(s) please email it to me here.

Your ATM Business Blueprint Access

I would like to hold off on your complete ATM Business Blueprint access until after our 8 week Wealth Acceleration Training. But, if you’d like access to it prior to that, then please just shoot me an email here and I will get you access.

Tech, Billing or General Support

Need some help? Just send an email to ATM Business Blueprint Support but please try to put a applicable subject line in your email. (For instance, if you have a billing question, put billing question in the subject line.)

Success Stories

I gotta tell you…nothing makes me happier and more proud than to share successes that ATM Business Blueprint members have had. I’m going to ask you (no beg you actually lol) to please share your success stories with me.

For two reasons really; 1) Because I really do care. I want you to succeed and I want to hear about it when you do and when you start making that passive income from ATMs and 2) Because whether you know it or not, your success will have a huge impact on other people. People love to hear stories about how someone who knew nothing about a particular subject took information they were taught about that subject and made money! It gives them hope. It gives them inspiration. It lets them know that they too, can do it!

So please take a moment and email me your success story!

Congratulations once again! Now let’s make some passive income together!

May You Live Happily Off Of Passive Income,
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