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  1. Thankyou for these videos because they are very informative. Just a question, could you please produce a video that goes in depth about finding locations to put the ATM machines? And many thanks again!

    1. Hey Rob,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the videos. I go in depth about finding locations in my training programs.
      That’s where all of the in-depth information can be found about truly learning the ATM business from
      A to Z in order to make it a profitable business venture for you.

      To start off tho the easiest way is to concentrate on places you already frequent or places referred by friends, family and
      co-workers. Hope that helps!


  2. It seems that i cannot find a clear cut answer to my question. DO I NEED THE BANK permission to install my ATM.

    1. Hi Ethan!

      No you don’t need any banks permission to place your ATM. You need the permission of the business owner who has the location you want to place your ATM. And you definitely want to make sure you have a signed contract with that business owner prior to ever ordering your ATM. Feel free to set up a free ATM business strategy session with me here and we can get all of your questions cleared up plus you’ll have your personal ATM strategy that you can use going forward.

      Hope this helps,


    1. Yes it definitely can work in Canada. Not only do I have U.S. students but I also have Canadian students (and 2 Australian students as well!)

      The ATMs in Canada may cost a few hundred more than U.S. machines tho. Think $2500 or so? But that’s because the Canadian ATMs are ahead of the technology curve right now with EMV and the U.S. is just getting things together with it.

      Great questions.


  3. Hi,
    How do you think atm businesses are impacted as we progress closer and closer to a cashless society, especially as new technologies like Apple Pay become more main stream. Why do people care about using cash if most transactions can be paid for with plastic or purely electronic.


    1. Hey Kent,

      First I should tell you that I am NOT a cash user. I personally use debit and credit cards. And I’ve been an ATM business owner for 6 years now. The most important thing you have to realize when you get in the ATM business or if you’re thinking about getting into the ATM business is: It doesn’t matter what YOU do….what matters is what the billions of people do in the world that use ATMs do.

      They all have their own personally reasons for using ATMs. Convenience. A way of staying on budget with cash instead of debit/credit. Don’t want anymore credit card debt. Don’t trust new technologies, etc. etc. Each person has their own reason.

      The ATM business and cash is not going anywhere in our lifetimes, Kent. I’d venture to say it’s not going anywhere in our kids lifetimes either (provided you have kids.) Beyond that, honestly, I don’t care lol

      Right now, cash is the #1 method in the world that people pay for goods and services (80%.) When we boil it down just to the U.S. cash is pretty much tied with debit cards at around 30% each.

      The funny thing is, when we talk about new technologies, I usually think that it’s the college kid generation that welcomes them and really uses the heck out of them. But when you look at 18 to 24 yr. olds…40% of them still prefer to use cash.

      Purchases less than $10, 2/3 of folks prefer cash. So, there can be all different ways of paying for things in this country…doesn’t matter. I think we are light years a way from you ever walking into a local business and them saying “sorry Kent, we won’t take your 20 dollar bill anymore.”

      Hope this helps.


  4. What a lovely video!!! can’t wait to get started with my ATMs!!! I just need to know the surcharges and how my cash is generated after the customer take their cash out of the ATMs?

  5. Hey,
    I set up an appointment with you today and took the day off for it, however you never called me. Kinda bummed out by that, however I would still like to take advantage of one of your sessions..

    1. Hi Kyler,

      Unfortunately it would have been impossible for you to have an appointment with me on March 20th as it’s a Friday and I don’t have appointment times for that day 🙂

      I do have you confirmed in my calendar tho for Thursday of this week, the 26th. Does that sound familiar at all?


  6. Hi Carey,

    What brand of ATM do you recommend to buy? I dont live in the US so my supply is limited to, mainly, Diebold. But they are way to expensive.

    1. Hey Fernando,

      All of the mini-retail ATMs are pretty comparable so it just depends on what you’re interested in.
      I don’t know where you live so I have no idea about the ATm market where you are.


  7. Hi Cary,
    I am just wondering why the business owner would not do this himself/herself to bring in more cash to the business as opposed to me. Also, I believe I have heard you speak about some type of account that is required for the ATM owner to have to be able to process and monitor the transactions that are generated. Could you speak in more detail on this.
    Thank You

    1. Hey Kent!

      That’s an awesome question. I think I may just do a video on that very topic. Here’s the answer tho, there will be some business owners that do buy an ATM on their own. And that’s ok. Because the majority of business owners do NOT want to deal with the ATM, they want you or I to deal with it so they can just simply….run their own business. Make sense?

      You need to be set up with an ISO/Processor. Sign up for a free strategy session with me and we can discuss in detail.



  8. You are just awesome! Thank you for being soo passionate in helping us achieve our dreams in becoming ATM business owners. Whenever I get doubts if I can do it all alone with no partner, I watch your videos and hear your voice, and I get super pumped and motivated all over again! LOL Thanks! 🙂

    1. Thanks. I think you’re pretty awesome too@ And that’s what I’m here for..to let you know that you CAN do it and to help you if you need and want it.

      Talk to you soon.


      P.S. You’re welcome. 🙂

  9. It seems that there is a lot of machines in this area and so how would I find a place to put the machine and how do I keep money in it

    1. Hey Linda,

      There are a lot of ATMs all over. There is still plenty of opportunity out there with places that a) don’t have ATMs and
      with the places that b) do have ATMs. 😉 Would love to chat with you to help your understand a little better, including keeping money in it. Go here to set up a Free ATM Business Strategy Session.



    1. Hi Nicholas,

      Actually, that’s what I teach my students how to do, along
      with talking to those business owners and negotiating with
      them, etc.


  10. Hi Carey,

    I love the info/videos you have posted thus far. Im seriously considering this business but I want to see if you could answer a few questions for me first.

    1.) What kind of insurance do you purchase to help with issues of ATM damage or theft of $ from the ATM or theft of the entire ATM lol?

    2.) In other research Ive done, Ive read that the location either would need to have wireless internet available or a near by phone line in order for the ATM to operate properly. If the store owner does not have that, would I be responsible for providing the phone line or wireless access?

    3.) As a ATM business owner, if you are not interested in sharing the $2 or $3 processing fee with the establishment, what would be the benefits for the establishment for having the ATM there? In your experience, have you found that store owners are willing to do without fee sharing?

    I know Im asking a lot, but I just want to gather as much info I can before I invest.


    1. Thanks for the kind words David! Appreciate that.

      You might want to sign up for a free ATM business strategy session with me here.

      1) You want insurance that covers ATM and cash. Most likely your insurance person will charge you wayyyy too much for it.

      2) Yes.

      3) Tons of benefits. That’s part of what I teach my students in my trainings. I started my business in 2009 by not sharing profit sharing with business owners and I had no problems. You just have to know what to say and how to respond to their questions. 😉



  11. also you half to have cash to buy machine I have none don’t really care about family or friends don'[t get along with either one get tire do hearing that . I in this world alone broke an no credit so I don’t see how an credit shot have 2.00 to eat on that s my life anyway don’t see how you can get an atm business going without credit or cash anyway im getting tired didn’t really see to much to help me out .

    1. Yep you need cash. Doesn’t matter WHERE the cash comes from, but you need it. If you aren’t willing to figure out how to get it if you have none in your bank account then this business (and most businesses) aren’t for you.



  12. I hear finding the location from everyone out there trying to get there atm machines in is hard to find someone already hit it.

    1. I don’t know where you hear that from Dan, but I’ve had no issues finding locations for the past almost 5 years now. Actually, got a location signed up in Dec., Jan and even last weekend.

      Plus, I have students all over the U.S. that aren’t having any issues finding locations. Sounds like you’re hearing from folks that either a) don’t want you to enter the business or b) are whiners that aren’t making anything happen in their business so they just pass that along to you.



  13. Good video. Atms have been in the news lately because people are stealing them. What precautions have you taken? Can you tell me what kind of start up cost for 1 machine am I looking at? How are systems serviced when u are on vacation. What is required to move a system from one location to another? Is it not bolted down? Can I do it myself? Thank you.

    1. Hey Joe!

      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for asking some great questions.
      Yeah, folks have tried to steal ATMs I think since ATMs first came out lol
      (they don’t understand that money takes work and that you can’t just steal

      Insurance can help you there Joe, because the truth is, if someone wants
      your ATM they are going to take it. And you should let them because no
      ATM or amount of money is worth you or anyone getting hurt.

      Roughly $2k, give or take a couple hundred bucks for a new ATM, Joe.
      Properly planning is required when you go on vacation (I tend to go
      away here and there, often….so don’t ever think that you can’t vacation
      because you’re in the ATM biz.)

      The main component that is involved in moving an ATM from location to another
      is YOU. 😉

      Yes, it should be bolted down….even you want insurance on it anyway.

      Great questions Joe. Consider signing up for a Free ATM Strategy Session if you
      haven’t already…..



  14. How much does a ATM machine cost?
    What are the bank fees that I would have to pay?
    How much does a Atm machine weigh?
    What are the average fees that a customer would pay to use the ATM?
    Does a ATM require software? Does it come with the machine?

    1. Hey Rich,

      They vary but about $2k give or take a couple hundred is decent.
      You shouldn’t have to pay any bank fees at all.
      About 200lbs-ish.
      Depends on what is average in your area. My area the average is $3.
      Yep, and yep.

      HTH. You may want to consider signing up for a free ATM strategy session here.


  15. Hi Carey, I know some people in my husband’s family that are already doing the ATM business and they are doing great. However, I do not want to approach them for info, because I don’t want them to think that I’m stealing their idea (business). Anyway, I just have a question… I just got laid off in 2012 and thinking about using my 401K to start my ATM business. Is this possible? My understanding is that uncle Sam will punish me for that. Thanks

    1. Awesome Maria…so you already know that the ATM business can be a great business!! Now you just need to make it a great business for YOU and your hubby too!

      As far as your question…if you just take money out of your 401k yes Uncle Sam would punish you BUT I am NOT a CPA and this is NOT financial or accounting advice. You need to speak with your CPA.

      I do teach legal ways around that within the ATM Business Blueprint Success System. It’s all about private lending and self-directed IRA’s.

      I don’t know if you’ve looked into the ATM Business Blueprint Success System yet but it sounds like it may be something that would be helpful for you in more ways then one; learning the business so your hubby’s family doesn’t think you stole their idea and helping you out with the 401k issue.



  16. Hi Carey,

    I’m a law enforcement officer looking to find out about the private ATM business. I, myself, am currently not looking to get into the business. I believe I have a situation of someone laundering money through owning an ATM machine.

    Can you help explain how it can be done.

    I completely understand if you can’t because you’re in the business of making money. If you can, please do not post this comment on your website. If bad guys are using this method to launder, I don’t want to be the one to give them a heads up.

    Thank you if you can help.

  17. Dearest Carey, I’ve just started getting your Emails , they are just awesome . You have done an outstanding job from what I have seen and read so far. I do have a question, about this business an the future of our great land we live in . Please answer me through my Email . This would probley freak some people out . I know your a very smart woman. You and Kathy seem like you make a very good team. So here is my question, Are you and Kathy aware of a secret meeting that was held between the Japaness, France, and Germany and one other country, but it sure wasn’t the good old U.S. A. And this meeting was to do away with the good old USA dollar. This is happening because of the value of our oh mighty dollar. I truly beleive this is very possible. Please present this to your partner, and let me know what you think would happen to this businness if this change should happen. P. S. THANK YOU both so much for all the hard work you have put in to this cool an awesome BIZ. . Keep your emails coming, And may GOD bless you both in all you do. Jerry 🙂

    1. Hi Jerry,

      I already answered you via email. We’re not worried about the ATM business or the U.S. dollar going anywhere
      anytime soon.

      Of course, as I mentioned in the email, it is your right to believe otherwise. No hard feelings here buddy 😉

      Best of luck,


  18. Hi Carey,

    Thank you for the info. How hard is it to get a property owner to let you set up a atm machine? I know profit sharing is a good step to take. How did you overcome this challenge?

    1. Hi Mensah,

      You’re welcome for the info. It’s as hard as you think it’s going to be. 🙂 Just like any other opportunity in life it all comes down to your mind and if YOU are more powerful then it. How are you at hearing “no?” How are you at going to the next person after you hear “no?”

      In general and this is in no way written in stone, I would say that you should be able to close anywhere from 1 out of 10 businesses to 3 out of 10 businesses on placing your ATM there. These are businesses that DO NOT have a location already. The stats will be higher for places that already have an ATM. Referrals will make your numbers higher.

      How did I overcome this challenge? Well, 1st I have pretty good control of my mind. I’m ok with hearing “no” and I know that hearing “no” just means I’m that much closer to a “yes.” 🙂 Also, I learned what to say and would practice consistently with myself and with Kathy so we’d be better prepared when talking to business owners. In the beginning, I had someone teaching me the ATM business. But I should use “teach” in quotes because well this person was probably my biggest mistake in the ATM business.

      He’s the reason I created the ATM Business Blueprint Success System. So that anyone that wanted to be in the ATM business could learn from that and wouldn’t have to rely on a partner like him (who could potentially turn out to be shady like he was.)

      Mensah, when you have control over the mental aspects of starting a new business and then you practice what to say, you’ll be fine. Check out my ATM Business Blueprint Success System, it comes with 13 Scripts, so you always know what to say to business owners when trying to place your ATMs.



  19. Hi Carey,
    I first would like to say that your website is a wealth of knowledge!

    I have been seriously doing alot of research on this business for the past couple months! My goal is to make enough money full time to not only live off of BUT also fund my original entrepreneurial effort which is my video production business!

    My question to you is where I do get started you say I need no more than 4 grand so does that include purchasing my first ATM & the cash to fill it? Im ready to hit the ground running!!!

    1. Hi Antwan,

      Thank you for the kind words. Appreciate them.

      I love the way you think and your original entrepreneurial
      effort. I don’t know if you know this about me but I graduated
      from the Art Institute of Philadelphia as a Music and Video Major 😉

      Loved the video end of the biz moreso than the music end. Good luck
      with your video production company. As long as you have a plan I think
      you’ll be on your way.

      As far as getting started; you’re doing it. Do as much free research
      as possible, then honestly I would tell you if you think this is REALLY
      what you’d like to do to start brining in some cash in your life I would
      honestly recommend you invest in yourself and this business; whether
      you invest in a franchise to learn the biz, or you invest in a program
      like my ATM Business Blueprint Success System or you invest in an experienced
      ATM business owner as a business partner (this will be your most expensive
      option as you’ll be paying your partner foreverrrr lol Ask me how I learned
      this one.)

      Of course, you could also try to go at it alone and figure things out along
      the way, but that can end up being a pretty expensive option with the mistakes
      that you’ll make (again, ask, me how I know this lol)

      For your other question…$4k includes ALL equipment and the cash that will go
      inside your first machine.

      Hope this helps. Thanks again for your comments.


  20. Hi Carey,
    How does your ATM connect to the bank and what contract or legal agreement is in place to allow an ATM machine operator to connect to banks and their customers to receieve cash.
    Isn’t their a licence or permit to be able to operate an ATM ? I live in Australia and I am not sure if i is regulated alot.



    1. Hi Joel,

      Great questions. Unfortunately, I don’t have any answers
      for you relatec to Australia. I mean the step by step
      process that I go over in the ATM Business Blueprint would
      be the same for any country as long as that country allows
      for independent ATM ownership.

      But as far as processors, contracts, regulations and licenses/permits
      in other countries….that I can’t help with. I teach you how to get
      those answers tho. An easy, free way would be to start on
      our trusted friend GOOGLE 😉 ATM Processors in Australia.

      By the way, if you’re considering the ATM Business Blueprint
      Success System the things that would NOT apply to you because
      you live in Australia are the U.S. rules and regs and my personal
      insiders contacts and my contracts.

      I do advise EVERYONE whether they live in the U.S. or not tho to
      have my contracts reviewed by an attorney in their local area.

      Does that make sense? So the PROCESS, the steps to get locations,
      etc. would be the same. It’s just the rules and regs that I don’t
      know for Australian ATM owners.



    1. Hi Carolyn,

      I teach people that they can get started with no money up to $4,000.

      It really depends on your situation and which ATM business model
      fits best within it.

      As far as what you need to do. I, obviously, can’t answer that in
      one reply to a comment. What you can do is first sign up to get
      all of the free information that I provide, then read all of my posts on
      here about the ATM business and also check out all of the videos I have
      on my youtube page.

      If you do those things you’ll have a pretty good knowledge base.

      If you’re looking for a step-by-step, comprehensive home study
      course that takes you from starting to growing your ATM
      business then you should definitely check out my ATM Business
      Blueprint home study course.

      Hope this helps!


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