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  1. THIS IS IT!!!! I was looking for a way out. As a security guard I work long hours and little pay…I have tried EVERYTHING from multilevel marketing to collecting cans! this is my way out THANKS…get ysed to my name coz I will be asking a ton of questions…love the video looking for more!

    1. lol Derrick. Guess what buddy? I’ve tried all of those things too! So I understand
      where you are coming from. I have referred to myself as a “serial entrepreneur” lol

      I think you’ll be VERY happy with the ATM business…..I look forward to seeing you
      around and helping to answer your questions.


  2. Does that modem that you’re talking about, require a phone line hookup?, or does that modem dial out on it’s own, without a “phone line”? Thanks.

  3. thank you pretty lady! i really mean that . can,t wait to find out how to do this with o.p.m. whats the best atm, retail spot to research.

    1. Lol are you trying to suck up jack? Lol.

      Best ATM is whichever one suits younreally…I like the hantles personally.

      Research all the spots you can because you would be surprised at who some of your winners will be!

  4. Hi Carey!
    Great info! I can’t wait for the next video.
    How much are the cell phone network charges each month for the modem itself?

    1. Thanks Ryan! I’m glad you like the info.

      I pay $15 a month for my monthly modem fees (plus a small interchange fee which usually is around $2 or $3 a month.)

      But the monthly payment could vary depending on which company you choose or which method you decide to use. I even teach in the course how you may be able to NOT have to pay for your monthly connection charges…… 😉

    1. Thanks Matt! And yet another great question. Boy I gotta tell you the folks that are checking out these ATM training videos are really asking some really good, relevant questions.

      The cost for processing each month is ZERO. I don’t pay any processing fees a month. I teach in the ATM Business Blueprint course how you can get zero cost processing as well.

      Now, of course, if you’re doing profit sharing with a location owner then you’ll be paying that monthly, but I teach you how you can set it up so it doesn’t cut into YOUR profit.

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