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  1. Hi Carey,
    Great stuff so far. However, I didn’t receive the “cheat sheet” you mentioned. I went back and looked at the archived emails and couldn’t find it or any link to it. (I’m pretty sure I didn’t delete it by mistake.) Could you send a PDF, or link or something? Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Robert!

      Thanks for the kind words. I apologize for the confusion but there is no more cheat sheet. That’s my fault
      for not deleting reference to it anywhere. Do you remember where you read about the cheat sheet by any

      So, rest easy knowing that you didn’t delete it 😉 that would have been impossible since I didn’t send it.

      By the way, the cheat sheet was just the slides from a webinar, so if you haven’t signed up for the webinar
      I highly recommend that you do. Tons of info!



  2. At first I was confused by the map, but I am glad you broke it down. I planned to but 4 or 5 machines. My biggest concerns are where to buy them, finding locations and how long is the process of setting up the business. I hope to get started sometime this year. I’m not sure I want to use my own money to fill the machines. I am considering using a bank. How much do they charge? How can I identify scams? I want the money I have to make more money for me. I don’t want to be conned.

    1. Hi Ashanti,

      Your name, of course, reminds me of the singer Ashanti (I loved that 1st cd of hers!) Anyway, I’m glad that you were better able to understand the road map. A big congrats to you for having a goal of 4 to 5 machines. A lot of folks forget the whole “setting a goal” step.

      As far as your biggest concerns go, they are concerns that are usually consistent with most folks starting the ATM business. I address them all in 100% detail in my ATM Business Blueprint Success System. It’s people just like you that I created that course for, so that you can take your biggest concerns and just squash ’em like a bug with my success system in front of you. If you truly are serious about the ATM business you may want to consider becoming an ATM Business Blueprint Success System member.

      Within the course, I also go over the different ways that you can get started without using your own cash. You can use banks as far as getting a personal loan or loc, etc. Those rates will usually depend on your credit. I don’t recommend anyone starting up to use an armored car and vault cash from a bank though.

      As far as scams and not getting scammed goes….check out this article that I wrote last week called “How Not To Get Cheated in the ATM Business.”



  3. Hi Carey,
    How much cash does a typical ATM machine should be supplied with? And how often do you typically have to refill?

    Lastly, do the monthly income per ATM you included in the other email have advertisement income included? if not, what is the potential income from ads?


    1. Hey there,

      I teach people to start with $1000 to $1500 in their ATM. How often it needs to be refilled will
      depend on the quality of the location. If you’d like to refill your ATM less the you have to put
      more cash in it.

      No, advertising income is not included in any of my per month stats. That’s just bonus money for
      you should you go after it. The potential for ads, depends on how much you charge and for what.

      I go over that in more detail in my ATM Business Blueprint Success System.

      Hope this helps. Have a great day.


  4. Carey,
    How long on average does it take to find a good location? How long might it take to place say 10 machines? It seems like everyone in my area already has a machine.

    1. Great question Norman. I’d say on average for every 10 business owners you chat with you should be able to place 1 to 2 (maybe 3) ATMs. But let’s be conservative and say 1. These are locations WITHOUT ATMs in them already. The number will be higher for locations that already have ATMs in them.

      By the way, remember to see those places that have ATMs already as an OPPORTUNITY 😉 Not as a bad thing.



    1. Good question Juan. Always pay them in checks.
      You negotiate the profit sharing and then when
      you have all of the pieces in place you can
      use my software or your own to calculate the
      amount each month to pay out and then cut them
      a check.



      1. What I was referring to in there is the ATM Profit Tracker, which is
        a free bonus to all ATM Business Blueprint Success System members.

        Just in case anyone reads that and gets confused lol


  5. Hi Carey,
    Do you have a sample contract that I can use for my business. If the owner of the business has to add an extra phone line who pays for that

    1. Hi Fernando!

      I have sample contracts and forms for sure but they are only for ATM Business Blueprint members. I don’t provide those contracts for free. But I do provide plenty of other great content for free!

      I generally will pay to add a phone line (unless you can get the business owner to pay for it.) But in all honesty, I don’t add phone lines into peoples businesses to put my ATM there.



  6. Hi Carey,

    Do you have a recommendation on where to buy ATMs that includes the processor? Are there any we should stay away from?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Scott,

      There are many ATM suppliers that one could buy from. I recommend NOT buying from folks on craigs list, ebay, etc.
      You want to make sure that you are dealing with reputable suppliers.

      There are also many ISO’s that you can deal with. You can easily google suppliers and ISO’s. Do business with
      the folks that you feel comfortable with. A lot of times your ISO can and will order ATMs for you too.

      By the way, I include my rolodex of folks I deal with as a bonus with my Automatic ATM Profits ebook and my
      ATM Business Blueprint course.



  7. Hi Carey,

    Where does the money to fill the ATM come from? Am I filling it myself, or do I have a contract with a bank or armored car service to do it?


    1. Hi Jeffrey,

      Great questions! The money to fill the ATM comes from you or O.P.M. (other people’s
      money.) Depends on how you set things up in the beginning.

      Not a lot of money is needed, however, to get started.

      And yes, you can fill the ATM yourself….takes about 1 minute 10.8 seconds.
      Or you could have an armored car service do it for you.

      I generally don’t recommend folks start out their ATM business paying an
      armored car service though. It will cut too much into your profits in
      the beginning.

      Hope this helps.


  8. Hi, Carey.
    Great video and thanks for the great idea. A little bit concern how I can find the location for my ATM… just go asking the owners of local Gas Stations and grocery stores if they need an ATM in their business??? and the second questions: what happens with my ATM machine if the owner of the business … lets say changes his mind and doesn’t want my ATM in his store anymore or out of the business???
    Thanks again.
    Allston, MA

    1. Hi Maxim,

      Thanks for the message. And yep, you got it! You just go into
      local stores and talk to the owners and/or managers and ask if
      they want an ATM. Pretty simple.

      As far as your second question: 1st you’ll have a contract 😉
      so they cant’ just change their mind, but once the contract
      is up, if they decide they don’t want it there any longer,
      you just move it to a new location. Most likely that won’t
      happen though because business owners are usually pretty
      happy with the result of the ATM being present.

      But that’s the cool thing about the ATm business, if you (or
      the owner of the location) doesn’t like how the machine is
      performing you can just pick up the ATM and move it somewhere

      Hope this helps!


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