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How To Start An ATM Business On Your Own

A lot of times people don't even know it's possible to own ATM machines let alone to start an ATM business on their own.

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How To Start An ATM Business On Your Own

This is going to be a short and sweet article about how to start an ATM business on your own.

A lot of times people don’t even know it’s possible to own ATM machines let alone to start an
ATM business on their own.

If you’re reading this blog then you already know that YOU (yes, you) can own ATMs.

You can even start an ATM business on your own.

A lot of times people will think they need to become an ATM franchise to be successful in the
ATM business. Phooey! You don’t need to pay $25,000 to just have the franchise behind you (and that’s just the franchise fee, you’re going to have to invest another $25k+ to get the ATMs and everything else from the franchise.)

Ok so you don’t have to pay crazy franchise fees to start an ATM business on your own.

You don’t even need to find someone who is already in the ATM business and partner with them so you
can learn the ATM business.

Note: These are all viable ways to start an ATM business though!

But what will those 2 ways to start an ATM business cost you? If you started an ATM franchise
or got a partner to teach you the ATM business instead of starting an ATM business on your own…
what would that cost you?


Now, do you want to know how to start an ATM business on your own without spending tens of thousands of dollars on a franchise or potentially even more then that with a partner?

Educate yourself about the ATM business, first.

Start with free education but then when you know the ATM business is something that is right for you then invest in yourself, in your future business, in your family and in your bank account by buying ATM business education and training.

Yes, I sell my ATM Business Blueprint Success System, and while I can tell you first hand that it’s not inexpensive I can also tell you that it’s not expensive either when you know what it will help you do for your future bank account. It’s also the best, least expensive ATM business education training out there. Yes, I’m biased, but I know what’s out there and I created this course from being JUST WHERE YOU ARE now. So I know what you need to succeed and what you’re looking for.

But anyway, that’s besides the point, yes, I have the ATM Business Blueprint Success System but I don’t care if you invest in my ATM business training or not, but you need to invest in some type of ATM business training when you decide the ATM business is a business that you want to pursue.

You go to college to get an education on a wide array of things and you invest in that education, right? Maybe you even go to a technical school to learn a trade, again you invest in that education.

Why would you not think it’s wise to invest in education to start an ATM business on your own? This is something that I’m assuming you will be starting to put money into your bank account on a consistent basis, right?

Then, obviously, it would seem wise to invest in ATM business training so that you can properly start an ATM business on your own, right?

Obviously, I’d love to work with you and it gives me great pleasure to help people start and grow their own successful ATM business, but I may not be the type of person that gels with you and that’s ok. But I am suggesting that you get some form of training first so you know how to start an ATM business on your own.

I just want you to avoid all of the mistakes that I’ve made in the ATM business…’s a great business to be in, but making mistakes don’t really have to be part of your business when you start your ATM business on your own.

Oh and one more note: when I say start an ATM business on your own, that doesn’t mean you won’t be working with any “team members” that just means that you’re not going to have to take on partners that you’ll have to split your profits with or you won’t have to pay ridiculous franchise fees only to find out that you have to pay an extra $1,100 on top for training too! πŸ˜‰

Team members for your ATM business are ok; spending unnecessary money when you can start your ATM business on your own is not ok.

Sorry for my rambling but I get a lot of folks asking me how to start an ATM business on your own. And maybe I’m just a bad marketer or something lol but I’m always like “ummmm that’s what my ATM Business Blueprint Success System is all about…teaching you to do just that!”

Remember, I’m an ATM business owner, not a professional online marketer, sooooo I may be a bad marketer after all πŸ˜‰

how to generate a consistent $3,000 to $5,000+
per month in passive income with atms!

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6 Responses

  1. Hello. I am trying to set up a bank account for my soon to be business but I am having issues. Every bank i talk to does not let me set up the account because it is a money service business. How do I get around this or what bank should I talk to? Thanks.

    1. Conrad,

      Some banks do have issues because they are afraid of money laundering. But the ATM business is NOT a money service business and if they go up the ladder in their bank they will verify that it’s not, BUT they still most likely won’t allow the business if they already have issues with it.

      I give out all the banks that will work with ATM businesses to my ATM Business Blueprint students. Feel free to join me with my live web class this week by clicking here to see if you’d be interested in the ATM Business Blueprint training.


  2. Hi Cary,
    I need your expertise, I want to buy several ATM’s with my self directed (Equity Trust )Roth IRA, account, can you help me out?

  3. I have a small vending business, about (15 locations) but would like to know if adding ATMs to my Route or replacing my business with an ATM route is worthwhile?

    Larry McEvoy

    1. Hi Larry,

      I love the idea of vending machines too! I think that you will definitely appreciate ATMs tho in addition to your vending machines. Only because you are vending cash and not product. So the cash doesn’t ever go bad and more importantly, you don’t have to purchase new cash each month! The initial cash you put in the ATM, just gets recycled back into your bank account over and over.

      I have a student who owns a ton of vending machines and he told me that he was going to sell them all and replace them with ATMs.
      I was on the phone the other day with someone on a strategy session and he said the reason he thought about the ATM business was because someone he knew had a vending machine business and that person sold their business and they said they wished they could have kept their ATMs! So, the gentleman I was on the phone with was intrigued by why the guy wanted to keep his ATMs and not his vending machines lol

      Anyway, your vending business, if it’s making you decent money, then I’d say keep it and just add ATMs to your route. Just my .02 But you’d know better if you’d rather just replace your vending business with ATMs??

      Hope this helps,


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