how to generate a consistent
$3,000 to $5,000+ per month
in passive income with atms!

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ATM Business Models

If you’re thinking about starting an ATM business you
are going to have to decide of all the ATM business
models, which one is for you?

Personally, I think there are ATM business models that
you should start with and there are ATM business models
that are sort of an exit strategy if you will.

So, let’s go over the different ATM Business Models here.
Oh and before I get started with these; if you’d rather
watch a video instead of read this blog post, then check
out my video on Profitable ATM Business Models.

ATM Business Models – #1

You Fill It/Your Cash – Of all the ATM
business models this one will be the most profitable for
you and this is the one that I suggest everyone that is
new to the ATM business start out with.

And it’s pretty self explanatory, you are physically filling
your ATMs and you are using you own cash to put inside them.

ATM Business Models – #2

You Fill It/Not Your Cash – When looking at
all of the different ATM business models this is the one that
will be most appealing to those who don’t have as much or any
liquid cash available to them.

You are still going to feel the ATM yourself, but you are
using someone else’s money to do it. Whether you took a
cash advance on a credit card, used a home-equity line or
got a private loan from Aunt Debbie….you are using someone
else’s money to fill your ATMs.

This is known as using O.P.M. – Other People’s Money.

This method costs you a little bit more because you have to
pay to use someone else’s money.

ATM Business Models – #3

You Don’t Fill It/Your Cash – Again, this one
is pretty self-explanatory but I have to say out of all of the
different ATM business models I like this one the least.

So, you are not filling your ATMs, but instead you are hiring
someone to fill them for you. Hiring a friend? Perhaps an
ex-military person? Or an ex-policeperson? Etc. But this
has to be someone you trust with your life because they will
be using YOUR cash to load the ATM up (you could technically
use O.P.M. here as well) but remember you are handing it all
over to this person to fill your ATMs. Be very careful here.

ATM Business Models – #4

You Don’t Fill It/Not Your Cash – If you are
looking for an overall exit plan for your ATM business then
of the different ATM business models this is the one for you.

You do not fill the ATMs and you’re not using your own cash.

With this ATM business model I’m strictly referring to you
using an armored car service for your ATM business. And
when you use an armored car service you can’t just give
them the cash from your bank account or the cash under
your mattress 😉 You have to use what is called vault
cash and that comes from the bank and will cost you.

But, this is the perfect plan for you to shoot for when
you have your ATM business. I don’t suggest starting with this
ATM business model because it will cut into your profits
too much. You not only have to pay for the cash but you’re going
to have to pay for the armored car service.

ATM Business Models – #5

ATM Franchise – This is an honorable mention
in the ATM business models category because a lot of folks
ask me about it.

First, it’s important to note that if you were to choose to
start an ATM franchise that you will STILL have to pick one
of the 4 ATM business models listed above.

There are some people that love the idea of having a franchise
name behind them and they are willing to pay a whole lot of
money for that.

For me? I’m just not into giving someone $25,000 just so I can
use their name. And then paying for training on top of that.

But that’s just me. So, to get started in an ATM franchise
you are looking at anywhere from $51,000 (total) to $89,000
(total) and those figures include the $25,000 franchise
fee plus 2 ATMs on the low end and 4 ATMs on the high end.

Oh and with the ATM franchise model they are expecting you to
choose option #1 above as well.

In the end, why anyone would pay that much money to start an
ATM business is beyond me, but hey it’s your money and to each
his own 😉

Now, if you’d like to get some free ATM business training and
would like to learn how you don’t need $25,000+ to start an
atm business then just go to my ATM Business Blueprint website
to sign up for your free info.

how to generate a consistent $3,000 to $5,000+
per month in passive income with atms!

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