how to generate a consistent
$3,000 to $5,000+ per month
in passive income with atms!

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A Day in the Life of an ATM Business Owner – Start an ATM Business

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A Day in the Life of an ATM Business Owner – Start an ATM Business

I was thinking about you, yes I was really. I thought to myself, ok if I wanted to
start an ATM business, wouldn’t it be cool if I could follow someone already in the
business for a day???

That would be cool, right? I mean to spend a day in the life of an ATM Business Owner.
Especially….if you want to start an ATM business.

Soooo, that’s what I did for you guys. Last Friday, I recorded on my iphone 4s for you
throughout my day of filling ATMs.

Check out the video and let me know what you think.

Please remember to “like” the video and share it with others! I’d appreciate it!

Post any questions that you may have below and I’d be more than happy to answer
them for you.

how to generate a consistent $3,000 to $5,000+
per month in passive income with atms!

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2 Responses

  1. Good video, I’ve been thinking about this business for a very long time and am just getting around to it and after I seen this now i’m pretty much locked in, reason being, I love my family and want a vacation life with my family and this seems like the best business, easy and fun with short hours away from home, and I know it takes money to make money so I was just wondering how much do you spend on insurance and rental space fees and how much a machine is and what all is needed to get the first machine going? …any input would be great and much appreciated.
    Thank You very much 😉

    1. Tyler,

      Sounds as though you and the ATM business are a perfect fit.

      Insurance depends on the company you go with. You can get insurance for $17 a month tho, if you
      need to. ATM machines prices vary, mine cost $2,000 brand new.

      As far as rental space fees go……thats negotiable. I teach folks how you don’t have to pay
      any. I also teach folks how you can still pay referral fees but not take it out of YOUR guaranteed

      As far as what is needed to get the first machine going? Well you need a plan. You need to
      know exactly what to do, step by step, so you don’t make the same mistakes that I made when
      I first started.

      When you become an ATM Business Blueprint member, Tyler, you will have that exact step by
      step plan that you need to start and grow your own profitable ATM business.

      As an ATM Business Blueprint member you will design your financial freedom plan that will
      allow you to plan that vacation life with your family like you want.

      You can find more information on the ATM Business Blueprint Success System here.

      Look forward to seeing you in the membership area and helping you change your TIME freedom



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