From the desk of: Carey Buck, ATM Business Blueprint Creator
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Dear Fellow Investors and Entrepreneurs,

Over the past 11 years, I have spent over $10,000 on real estate investment courses. By the time I signed up for my first real estate investment course back in 1999, the salesman had painted pictures of me living the high life, sipping margaritas and lounging in the sun as my property portfolio steadily grew and made me independently wealthy.

In the beginning, I rushed home and excitedly ripped open the audio cassettes, vhs tapes, and workbooks. I could Carey Buck, Author of ATM Business Blueprint and her nephew Andrewfeel the warm sun, smell the fresh salt air, and taste the freedom of my new real estate lifestyle. As the first VHS disappeared into the VCR, my journey into investment properties began.

By the end of my first course my head was swimming: liquidity, equity, property management fees, landlords insurance, tenants, cash reserves, volatility, negative returns……and the list went on.

I figured that if I wanted passive income, then I had to work hard for it first.

Fast forward a few years; many late hours and weekends burned away, but I have to say – real estate treated me well. But, I also had to ask myself…..

Was real estate a low risk, small time-commitment passive income source?

HECK NO….real estate was hard work!

So I started to hunt for other business opportunities that could give me the passive income and the freedom to live life on my terms. Here’s the checklist I used to assess every opportunity: [green_tick_1_list]

[/green_tick_1_list] So I kept digging around and like a bolt from the blue…..I found the ATM business.

atm business blueprint

Here’s what I learned while researching the ATM business :

There are 420,000 ATMs in the U.S. and 29.6 million businesses.

Growth in ATM numbers on business premises is conservatiely estimated to grow by at least 5% every year.

That’s 15,000 – 20,000 new ATM’s every year waiting to be taken up (and they will be snapped up).

ATMs are commonly found in convenience stores, gas stations, bars, and other small businesses and aren’t all owned by major banks. They are owned by people just like you and me.

The best part I discovered was that the ATM business is a very profitable investment! Just look at this one ATM machine:
ATM Business Blueprint income proof

I started investing in my ATM business and have now established a fleet of ATMs that generate passive and consistent income for me 24 hours a day.

I can’t take up all of the ATM opportunities available, so I’ve decided to share what I have learned with you and am proud to introduce my ATM Business Blueprint 2.0 training.

Unfortunately though, you can’t just buy any of my training programs (I have 3.) I’m very selective in who I take on as a student and if you’d like to learn the business from me then you can click on the link below to fill out an application.

After you fill out the application you will be directed to a calendar where you can set up a call to speak with a member of my team. They will go over your goals with you and together you will determine if one of my training programs is a fit for you.

Oh and one more thing before you decide to fill out the application. Please know that you must have a minimum of $6,000 to start your ATM business. If you do not have at least $6k for start up costs then do not fill out an application because we can’t help you as you can’t even start an ATM business.

With that said, if you are ready, click the link below to fill out the application:

May you live happily off of passive income,

Carey Buck
ATM Business Blueprint and ATM Mobile Mastery Creator

P.S. My ATM Business Blueprint has allowed me to find a quick, easy and simple way to make passive income while I’m sleeping, on vacation, playing poker or making memories with my family and friends! Remember though, when you own your own ATM business….you can run it even while working a full-time or part-time job!

P.P.S. If you scrolled all the way to the bottom without reading this page, here’s the scoop. I teach people the ATM business but you can’t just buy my training, you must apply to become a student of mine. And before you apply, you must know that you need at least $6,000 in start up costs for this business. So, if you have at least $6k and you’d like me to help you start this business to save you time, money and headaches, then click this link to fill out an application: After you fill out the app, you’ll be directed to a calendar to set up a call with someone from my team where you both can figure out if one of my training programs is a fit for you.