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Returns Policy

Returns Policy

You’ll absolutely love our products and services.

However, if you’re worried about if it’ll work or not, you’ll love My ATM Location Guarantee.

Here’s how it works…

For our ATM Business Blueprint 2.0 and our Automated Wealth Training Program members:

I stand so solidly behind this training that I’m going to make your first location risk free. Become an ATM Business Blueprint or Automated Wealth Training Program member, be on every single weekly Live Q&A call that’s included in your free trial of the Platinum Partnership Program, get access to and participate in the ATM Business Blueprint Exclusive Student group and/or the ATM Mobile Mastery Exclusive Student Group, complete all of your action steps in each module and if by the end of 6 weeks you don’t have your first contract signed to place your first ATM or for Automated Wealth Training Program members, if at the end of 6 months, you don’t have your first contract signed to place your first ATM at a permanent location or an event, then I will personally help you get your first contract signed to place your first ATM (or event for Automated Wealth Training Program members.)

Because the trainings are digital however, we only offer the ATM Location Guarantee, we do not offer refunds of any kind.

For our Platinum Partnership Program group training:

There is no contract or no minimum for this monthly group coaching program. You may cancel anytime that you’d like and you’ll never be billed for any future payment again. Just send an email to support when you’re ready to cancel.

In order to obtain a full or partial refund under this policy, physical products should be shipped at your expense to the address listed below, must include your purchase information (such as a copy of your receipt) so that we can make a refund, include the date you attended ATM Business Blueprint LIVE! and proof that you’ve but what you learned into motion, and any physical products should be in merchantable condition (i.e. we could resell them because they’re in good condition). Returned physical products are subject to a re-stocking fee equivalent to 0 % of the purchase price.

E-mail your refund requests to returns[at]atmbusinessblueprint[dot]com. Please include the words Refund Request in the subject line of your e-mail.

Send your written refund requests by mail to:

ATM Business Blueprint
Attn: Returns Department
PO Box 62
Oxford, PA 19363


To serve you and other customers better in the future, we request (but do not require) that you tell us why you want a refund. We want satisfied customers.

Please remember that asking for a refund but continuing to use the products purchased from us is the same thing as stealing and may also violate applicable intellectual property rights law.

This Returns Policy was last updated on 08-08-2017.

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